Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10/10/06 - NICU Day #8

  • Daniel had a rough afternoon. His oxygen saturation levels dipped into the 70's a few times. The team increased his ventilator settings, pushing up both his amplitude (delta-P) and mean airway pressure.
  • While we were visiting he desaturated again. When Rachel would disconnect him from the vent and give him small puffs he would recover but then he would fall again on the vent. Finally, they increased the mean airway pressure setting back up to 12 and he appeared to recover and stabilize.
  • We hope this is just Daniel's way of indicating that he wants to slow down a little bit. Ultimately, it's a very minor setback.

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Michael said...

Let him have all the time he needs. We are with you, Jen and Daniel every step of the way.