Friday, October 13, 2006

10/13/06 - NICU Day #11

Nurses: Kristi, Maria

  • The chest tube came out this morning. His MAP is 32 and he rested comfortably all night.
  • His settings were weaned to 20/5 overnight. His gas was good at 6:30 AM but no changes were made in the vent because the chest tube was removed. They'll keep weaning him throughout the day and watching for him to breathe more on his own.
  • Feeds are still off until his ventilation improves.


Caleb said...

I'm glad to hear that Daniel is doing well after the procedure (from what I can glean from the doctor-speak). I hope you two are doing OK during what must be a very trying period. And I'm glad to hear that Joseph is still Joseph (re the stool comment).


uncle richard said...

Even from Barcelona we are keeping an eye on the little man DANIEL.... we check from an internet cafe to make sure we miss nothing... he has our prayers and love from across the way... yes even on our honeymoon... hope all is well and you guys aree good