Monday, October 09, 2006

10/10/06 - Daniel

Today Mr. Stein has a name. He will be known as Daniel Louis.
  • He is named for both of his great grandfathers, Louis.
  • They both came from Poland.
  • Louis Krieger, Jenny's maternal grandfather, worked as a painter for New York City and lived in Brooklyn.
  • Louis Stein, Evan's paternal grandfather, worked as a butcher in the Bronx.
  • As Daniel grows, we are happy to know that he will be watched over by these two very strong men.
  • We leave it to Daniel to determine if he will be a Yankees fan like Louis Stein or a Mets fan like Louis Krieger.


Kimberly said...

Congratulations on a great choice for a terrific name....It sounds like Master Daniel Louis Stein comes from strong stock.

The website is great for keeping up with you guys and the baby. We shall use it daily to peek -

I'll tell the kids tonight about their cousins new name.


Michael said...

Great name and glad to hear he's doing so well. However, as his uncle I can't stand by and allow him to become a Met fan. First rule of parenting....limit choices when things are important. Jessie & Lizzie would have a tough time accepting such a decision too, and how would Richard take this? Daniel (Danny?) is and will forever be a Yankee fan.