Saturday, October 14, 2006

10/14/06 - NICU Day #12

Nurse: Shanti
  • Today was a bit of a rough day.
  • Daniel's oxygen saturation spent a lot of the morning bouncing up and down.
  • His noon CXR showed a mix of atelectasis (partial collapse) and pulmonary edema. His breathing tube was also a little low. He also squirmed a lot and wouldn't settle down to sleep. His attending believes the findings and behavior are related to his recent surgery.
  • At around 4:30 PM, he received two doses of fentanyl (to relax him), a dose of lasix (to dry him out), and albuterol (to open his airways). His vent settings were increased to 20/5 at that time as well. Since then, he's been very stable and they were able to reduce his oxygen requirements. His 7 PM gas demonstrated improvement in his CO2 and O2 levels.

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Rachel said...

we are thinking of all of you and sending good wishes your way. glad to hear that despite a tough morning, daniel is doing better this evening.