Sunday, October 15, 2006

10/15/06 - NICU Day #13 - late afternoon

Nurse: Shanti
  • Stable today with continued pulmonary issues. Antibiotics and lasix continue.
  • Echo was repeated this afternoon. Prelim normal but final read will be tomorrow.
  • Today Daniel got a hat - some modifications were required to make it fit. He's also opening his eyes a little.


Kimberly said...

We Love the Hat! Does it come in Blue too??
Jackie wants one too (in blue)!
Hope today got better and he is feeling stronger.
We are thinking of you guys all the time and sending our prayers.
See you soon....

Michael said...

I love the hat too. The picture is beautiful. We think about you all the time.

uncle Bobby and aunt eileen said...

This kid is a fighter, Evan and Jenny lets place those red Gloves on Kid Daniel and let him throw some left and right hooks we know he will go the 15 rounds.Jen whisper this in Daniels ear....we love you guys
Uncle Bobby Aunt Eileen