Thursday, October 19, 2006

10/19/06 - NICU Day #17

Nurse: Debbie, Serica
  • Daniel has been anuric (no urine production) for about 30 hours. He is gaining a lot of fluid weight. Today he is 1330 grams -- that's 3 ounces heavier than yesterday. His creatinine this morning was 2.5, his potassium was 5.6 -- both elevated. Repeat electrolytes in the evening showed a continued but slower rise -- Crt 2.7, K 5.9. Daniel got a dose of Bumex (a potassium-wasting loop diuretic) tonight and they started low-dose dopamine. It may take 4-5 days for his kidney function to return, in the meantime they're doing everything possible.
  • FiO2 is still at 35%. They're hyperventilating him to compensate for a metabolic acidosis. He's been oxygenating much better since he was sedated.
  • OG tube feeds were started at noon today at 0.5 cc/hr. Daniel is tolerating them well.
  • The head ultrasound was repeated a third time today. There is an increase in the amount of fluid in the interlobar fissure and the anterior horns but no evidence of a bleed. The radiologist is not alarmed by this finding and thinks it should just be followed with another ultrasound next week.

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Rachel said...

we are thinking of all of you. keep up the good fight, daniel!