Saturday, October 21, 2006

10/21/06 - NICU Day #19 (late day)

  • Daniel is in critical condition.
  • He has been anuric for 3 1/2 days. His potassium tonight is 7.2 and his creatinine is 3.7. They've increased the insulin and glucose drips. He'll get dialysis if his EKG changes.
  • His right pneumothorax never fully resolved and his left lung is atelectatic and his right lung demonstrates severe PIE. They'd like to lie him on his side to hypoventilate the bad lung but he can't tolerate it.
  • Since last night, they've had trouble keeping his blood pressure up and now he is on dobutamine, dopamine, and epinephrine. They'll be weaning the dobutamine tonight as they go up on the epinephrine. If they can stabilize his blood pressure, they may dialyze him sooner.
  • Despite all his problems, he is a beautiful baby. His doctors and nurses assure us that he feels no significant pain and they have been treating his anxiety with Ativan. He looks very peaceful and we love him so much.


Martin Krieger said...

Dear Jenny, Evan, Judy, Marc, Orly and Joseph,

We're far away and thinking of you. Judy's description of her visit today was touching. Daniel has received love and care and attention, and he is blessed, and so are you. It is a difficult and awful time.

Love, Uncle Martin and David

uncle Bobby and aunt eileen said...

Jenny and Evan:

Our prayers are with Daniel and both of you. Having been to visit Daniel,we feel the attachement to young Daniel as well. We are sad when we read all the things that Daniel is going thru, but we know he is getting the best of care and lots of love as well.

Love Uncle Bobby and Aunt Eileen

Nicole and Phil said...

I have been popping in every day (on the blog) to check on Daniel, and hope to see improvement each day.
Even though I do not know any of you, I think of Daniel often.
Be strong, you obviously have a wonderful family and many friends who offer such strength and support
Nicole, Berlin, Germany

Stacey Leon said...

Jenny, Evan & Family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Stacey, Orlando & Tallulah

Joanne_Howard said...

Dear Evan and Jen,
We have not posted until now, but have been watching Daniel's progress closely everyday. Thank you for taking the time to let everyone who is thinking of him know how he is doing. He is such a beautiful baby! Although we have not met him yet (and hope to do so when we return to NY for a visit this summer), I can tell he has his parent's strength. Our prayers are with you.
Much love,
Joanne and Howard
Edmonton, AB, Canada

uncle richard said...

Daniel....You are a Prince, a King, a Ray of Sunshine in a otherwise sometimes dark world.... Your brilliance and beacon of love and hope radiate from your tiny bed..... I can only wish that you find the strength to turn this corner... so many of your family and friends and even strangers want you to be the battler you are and put on the boxing gloves I gave you and come out swinging.... we love your parents and you and hope that this is only a shadown before the brightness of your light shining through.

Caroline Dreyspool said...

Dear Jen, Evan, and Daniel,

We are always thinking about you and wish you strength at this difficult time.

Caroline, Phyllis, and Tony

Michael said...

Dear Evan and Jenny,
Know that your family's love and prayers are with you. I think of you always. ALL OUR LOVE!!!!

Rebecca,Michael,Jessica, and Lizzie

Rachel said...

We are thinking of you. This blog is the first thing we check when we log on. We are hoping for better news soon. Lots of love, Rachel

Hilary, Don, Scott & Jared said...

Evan & Jenny
We have been speaking to Linda and Steve regularly and popping on the blog very often. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and Daniel and your entire families and we tell everyone we know to share their thoughts and prayers for you guys too...
I (Hilary) am in Florida....taking care of things down here but just wanted you to know we are constatntly thinking of you and sending our love. Uncle Richard has it right....Daniel is a King....