Friday, October 20, 2006

10/20/06 - NICU Day #18 (afternoon)

Nurse: Debbie
  • The A-line is in and his MAP has improved on dapamine although there is room to go up on the dose.
  • Potassium on 2 PM blood gas was 5.8! No need for another kayexalate dose. Insuin and glucose will continue. 6 PM labs will let us know if the creatinine has plateaued.
  • FiO2 down to 50%.
  • He's had two episodes of bright red blood per rectum. On physical exam he has a fissure -- probably from the administration of kayexalate. Playing it completely safe, he is going to get blood cultures, non-nephrotoxic antibiotics (ampicillin, cefotaxime) and serial X-rays for a NEC work-up. The first X-ray was unremarkable (no free air, no pneumatosis) -- just a paucity of gas. Obviously, feeds will be held until the work-up is over.

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uncle richard said...

Daniel I promise to read book s to you as much as I keep reading your daily blogs over and over..... Your new Aunt and I look in on a regular basis...I hope you get the strength we are all trying to give you....can't wait to go see you