Wednesday, October 18, 2006

10/18/06 - NICU Day #16

Nurses: Debbie, Sarika

  • Today Daniel is doing well while sedated.
  • His vent settings are being gradually weaned and he is maintaining his saturation with a relatively low FiO2 (30-40%).
  • There is now renal dysfunction (the fellow and attending are hesitant to call it "failure") which is probably a result of a combination of the indomethacin (about 10 days ago) and vancomycin (after 48 hours, stopped yesterday). Daniel made about 28 cc of urine yesterday and about 5 cc today (25 is about his required minimum). The team put in a catheter to measure output accurately and they've given albumen and lasix at the recommendation of a pediatric nephrologist who was consulted. The attending hopes the condition will reverse in 4-5 days. In the meantime, he's getting a little "puffy."
  • PO feeds were delayed again because of the kidney problems. Maybe tomorrow.


fotogal said...

God bless you, and Daniel. Your blog is next to mine ( I just clicked Next Blog) I will pray for Daniel and family.
Your neighbor, fotogal at hidden treasures.....

Joseph said...

I pray that Daniel becomes the pisher he was born to be.

Nicole and Phil said...

Just cruising through some blogs, when my heart melted for Daniel.
My thoughts are with you at this time when you all need so much strength.

MJS said...

Daniel -- sorry I missed you yesterday! I hope you get better soon so I can stop in with some Deli and a cookie or two. Stay strong!! See you soon -- Uncle Michael