Monday, October 23, 2006

10/23/06 - NICU Day #21 (Evening)

  • Daniel continues to keep us on our toes.
  • The newest complication today is bleeding. Daniel is bleeding from his rectum and oozing blood from the sites of blood draws and from chest tubes. His blood counts have been low for most of the day. The team sent special coagulation labs. His PT, PTT, and INR are all elevated and his Fibrinogen is low. These findings are consistent with DIC. DIC is very dangerous because it essentially means that there is uncontrolled bleeding. Fortunately, Daniel's DIC is not severe and he is getting FFP, platelets and blood to try and stay ahead of his losses. Unfortunately, the etiology is non-specific. The usual suspects of infection and liver disease do not appear to be present. Hopefully, this is just a consequence of his current "sick" status and will improve with his improvements.
  • He continues to urinate. His potassium is slowly coming down. His creatinine is holding stable. His nephrologist says it will take a week to correct. The acidemia has significantly improved. All of these things have led to the ability to reduce the number of drips Daniel is on. With less fluid input, they can replace the drips with nutrition.
  • The team is still working on weaning Daniel off of pressors. It's slow going but they're coming off.


Rachel said...

i have never been so happy to hear about someone else peeing in my life! i hope the other complications resolve as his kidney function returns. we think of you all the time.

Caryn said...

Dear Daniel, Jen and Evan,

You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Caryn and Kenn

Kara Selsman said...

Jenny and Evan,

Daniel is a fighter if I ever saw one. I was so happy to hear that his kidneys are functioning!!!!! You are all in our thoughts and our prayers. We love you guys!!!

-Kara (and Mike, Adam and Jacob)

Tameka said...

There are those who enter your life & simply because of there loving nature you're wonderfully blessed! Then there others whom as a result of their noble character you are inspired to be a better person.You amazingly yet effortlessly embody them both. Jen & Evan, your love for one another, your faith & devotion serves a testiment for Nadale & me. We pray for you regularly & wish there was more we could do! I'm available any hour! Love you! Tameka & Nadale