Wednesday, October 25, 2006

10/25/06 - NICU Day #23 (8 PM)

  • Daniel's tension pneumothorax came back this afternoon. A third chest tube was placed. Since then he has been weaned to FiO2 40% and has been saturating well.
  • His blood pressure has continued to be a problem. He is on dopamine and intravenous fluids.
  • The newest problems to add to the mix are cholestasis and spontaneous bradycardia (slowing of the heart). The cholestasis is being treated by phenobarbitol. He can't get Actigall because he's not getting enteral nutrition. The etiology for the bradycardia is unclear but he doesn't appear to be infected. Another possible cause could be vagal stimulation from the new chest tube. They may try repositioning it but they don't want to manipulate it too much because of his susceptibility to a pneumothorax.


Kara Selsman said...

Jenny and Evan,

We are thinking about you. Know that you are in our prayers and that we love you.

Keep fighting Daniel!

Cousins Kara, Mike, Adam and Jacob

ellen reach said...

Jenny, Evan and Daniel - you are all in our thoughts all the time - we send you love, comfort and strength -

With Love - Ellen & Robert Reach

uncle richard said...

Daniel we wake up with you, watch you, and go to sleep with you..... you have a support team that is on the ready for you.... even those on the fringe who have found your fight uplifting and insprational....we will have such stories for you....just know that a very collective we are hoping and waiting for that day you get to get out of the hospital, but we are there for every minor or major success on your road from tiny to being the Prince of Princes....feel strong and well.