Monday, October 23, 2006

10/23/06 - NICU Day #21 (Noon)

Nurse: Maria
  • Already an extremely eventful morning.
  • When we returned to the NICU at 9:30 AM, the weekday attending was placing a new chest tube for a tension pneumothorax. Daniel's blood pressure was stable but he was oxygenating very poorly.
  • After the chest tube was in, the team noticed that the pad Daniel was on had become wet. They began to replace the foley catheter and he started to urinate. They measured an output of 9-10 cc. He'll get regular doses of Lasix during the day today to try and keep his output up. Labs will be drawn at noon and again at 6 to follow his electrolytes.
  • He had bright red blood from his rectum with a few clots again. A surgeon will come to examine him but in the meantime he will get red blood cells, FFP, antibiotics, and serial X-rays to follow for NEC.
  • After the chest tube was in, his follow-up CXR showed almost complete resolution of the the pneumothorax. However, his oxygen saturation continues to be very labile. His weekend attending came to check on him at 10 AM. The attending did not leave the bedside during the time we were present. He monitored the vents while the weekday attending rounded. They're going to check his gas levels regularly and wean his oxygen as he requires.
  • His blood pressure stayed up throughout the morning and the plan is to reduce the epinephrine every hour and see if he can do a better job of supporting it on his own.


uncle richard said...

Well Daniel you like to keep us all on our toes...I think I'm going to call you in animal will annoy your parents I'm sure but it is the best pee story I have heard in all my life. keep up the strength you show all of us.... LOVE ALWAYS

Caleb said...

It is not everyday that I call anyone on their cel to report on someone else's peeing, but I just had to tell Rachel the hopeful news. Our thoughts are with you.


cecilyg said...

Dearest Daniel,
You are in our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers. We look in on you in every way we can. Your pure will and might show us that there is no measure and no match for your great strength. Thank you for being such a remarkable gift to us all.
Much love,