Monday, October 23, 2006

10/23/06 - NICU Day #21

Nurse: Michelle
  • The creatinine and potassium are very mildly increased (after increases in the insulin and glucose drips). A bicarb drip was also added last night and his base excess as fallen to -5.
  • The pressors are the same and his lungs are largely unchanged.
  • As you can see Daniel's numbers are all relatively unchanged this morning; however, he continues to defy expectations. There was a tiny drop of fluid (?urine) around his catheter today. We really don't know what this means or what to expect. They gave 1 mg of Lasix as we were leaving to try and coax more.


uncle richard said...

Daniel with baded breath everyone watches your every move...we all pull for you and have the hopes of hopes that you have the strength to pull through....for such a tiny boy you are... your power of amazement is never ending and always encouraging....

MJS said...

DLS -- You have a very special place in our have given us incomparable perspective and strength. Keep up the fight...MJSKSSFJSJBS