Tuesday, October 24, 2006

10/24/06 - NICU Day #22 (7 PM)

  • The epinephrine, dopamine, and dobutamine are now all off. They'll watch his pressures closely and add back dobutamine if necessary.
  • After the transfusions, the hematocrit is up to 39.
  • The gas was good (including a potassium of 4.2). The FiO2 is still 65% but they've gone down on the inspiratory pressure.
  • The cerebral ultrasound showed a very small Grade 1 germinal matrix hemorrhage on the right. This is likely of minimal significance. There will be a follow-up ultrasound in one week

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Martin Krieger said...

We really appreciated the picture of Jenny and Daniel. (Next time let Jenny photograph Evan, too.) We hope all continues well.

Uncle Martin and David